El Circo

La Garata

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Comentaristas: Héctor "The Playmaker" , José Figueroa "El Negro", Lio Pérez, Deportes PR y El Maja Papas

El Goldo y La Pelua

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Animadores: Jorge Pabón - El Molusco, Angelique Burgos - La Burbu
Productor: Sixto George, Felipe Quiñones

Rogie En Tu Radio (Domingos de Chinchorreo)


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Omar Hernandez aka OTRIP has been moved by electronic music since the age of 16. He remembers the first DJs he heard were DJ Craze, DJ Dara, Dieselboy, Ronizise, Infected Mushrooms, DJ Icey among others. OTRIP learned about the underground music scene through his sisters going to Puerto Rican clubs like Lazer, Azaylum, and others around the island. He’s always liked heavy electronic sounds like

Drum and Bass, but also likes trance, break beats, and now very into dubstep. OTRIP’s favorite DJ is DJ Craze. As far as the Puerto Rico electronic music scene, OTRIP observes it is growing at a very fast pace. “I’m so proud that there’s a company like SBS that is willing to invest into a genere of music and put in place an event like MEF on this island”, OTRIP comments.

OTRIP tells us that for him MEF Radio is the first radio show in Puerto Rico to let listeners know what the hottest tracks around the world are, where to go out to and listen to good music, and everything in the world of electronic music. On MEF, “Just what Puerto Rico needed!”. MEF is an amazing experience on the most beautiful island of the Carribean claims OTRIP. OTRIP describes MEF as ‘magic’.